"Vermont is a state I love. I could not look upon the peaks of Ascutney, Killington, Mansfield, and Equinox, without being moved in a way that no other scene could move me."

Eliza Evans | The State of Vermont

[Independent roleplay blog for the State of Vermont. Not Hetalia, but not opposed to roleplaying with it.

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Munday Ooc Questions

1: Why did you start role playing?
2: What made you choose your muse?
3: Is there anything challenging about writing your muse?
4: Is there anything enjoyable about writing your muse?
5: What has been your favourite thread?
6: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves?
7: What is your preferred roleplaying style and why? (semi para/para/mirror etc)
8: If you knew your muse in RL would you be friends or enemies?
9: Is there a certain writing style or colloquialisms you have to use for you muse that changes from your own?
10: Have you picked up any of your muses habits
11: [Canon] Is your character major/minor and did this have any influence in your decision to play them?
12: [Canon] Do you feel you stick to canon characteristics of your muse?
13: [Canon] Did you make any changes to your muses timeline/background?
14: [Canon] Was there anything that made this muse difficult to work with ,i.e canon death/canon location?
15: [Canon] Do you play/interact with the canon character differently now that you roleplay them?
16: [OC] What gave you the inspiration for your muse?
17: [OC] What made you choose their faceclaim/appearance?
18: [OC] Was their background decided from the start or developed over time?
19: [OC] Does your character have any canon routes or is their background self created?
20: [OC] How did you choose their name?

Happy Easter, everyone! Or 4/20, whichever one you’re celebrating.








Laura can you show me where you got those facts. 

They’ve done scientific studies! A lot of ‘em!

Who’s they? Can you tell me the scientific company? Or show me any of their research?

It’s even funded by the government, which you see to like sooooo much.

And they say they’re open to researching the “good” effects too; they just haven’t found any. 

Oh my god.

If used casually, marijuana’s good side effects outweigh its bad side effects. Casual smokers do it because it helps them relax, it relieves stress, hell, it can be used as a painkiller. That’s where the term ‘medical marijuana' comes from; it alleviates headaches, muscle spasms, nausea from chemotherapy, Crohn's disease, all kinds of nerve pains and can even be used to treat people with eating disorders that prevent them from gaining any kind of appetite. 
Its negative side effects, like drowsiness and dizziness and loss of cognitive function, are temporary. As in, they go away faster than a bout of the flu goes away. 

The only time it gets bad is when you start abusing it, in which case that is your own fault, not the marijuana’s. Some people have addictive habits, some others don’t, but either way marijuana will not cause the extreme withdrawals that alcohol or meth does. Marijuana is just another one of those things you have to have self control over, like eating chocolate or fast food. 

And that whole “marijuana deforms your dick” crap is a myth, too. I don’t know who’s feeding you this stuff, but they’re getting their facts wrong. Again, people who abuse weed have a chance of being less fertile than non-smokers, but it’s all according to how fertile you are in the first place. Not every man produces the same amount of sperm, some of us make a lot, some of us make a little, and if you’re one of those that are already halfway infertile, you’re probably gonna kill off your production. 
It’s not even just men. It’s women, too. Your…thing isn’t gonna deform, you’re killing off your (limited) eggs.

Do I need to repeat any of that.

But people who “celebrate” 420 are the kind of people who abuse it. And you keep sayin’ that abuse of marijuana is harmful. Nothing encourages irresponsible behavior more than havin’ a whole day dedicated to smoking the stuff. It just encourages the bad behavior. 

And of course YOU’RE gonna support it cause it makes you money. 

Laura, don’t use logical fallacies when you argue about these sorts of things. It doesn’t help your case. Do you have any proof that the people who celebrate 420 are the same people who abuse marijuana? Did you actually read what Colin said? 

Many people are in favor of marijuana legalization because it’s a pointless thing to have outlawed. It’s not as harmful as you’re making it out to be, as several people have already pointed out. And if we were to legalize it, it would help solve our overcrowded prisons problem. Not only that, but if we put a sin tax on it, think of how much money that would bring in. And the economy does need a boost. :/

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How many languages do y’all know, I’m kinda curious.

Two, if we’re counting English as well. 

just two? *cant comprehend that at all*

Yup, just two.


How many languages do y’all know, I’m kinda curious.

Two, if we’re counting English as well. 


[because i’m not writing an entire fic in french and then translating at the end or something, just assume that they’re speaking french throughout this whole thing.]

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